Primary desmoid tumor of the mesentery with invasion in the transverse colon: A case report

  • IULIAN SLAVU Bucharest Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest
  • Bogdan Socea Saint Pantelimon Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest
  • Lucian Alecu Agrippa Ionescu Emergency Clinical Hospital, Bucharest
Keywords: surgery, mesentery, primary desmoid tumor

Image Description

 We present the case of a 60-year-old woman who presented with abdominal pain which began 2 months before the visit to our hospital. Clinical examination identified a tumor, round, mobile located in the epigastric region. A  Computer Tomography of the abdominal confirmed the existence of a tumor at the level of the transverse colon. The patient underwent surgery, intraoperative exploration confirmed the existence of a round, smooth tumor which derived from the mesentery with apparent invasion in the transverse colon. A transverse colectomy was done in a single piece with the tumor which was dissected from the mesentery. The pathology report confirmed the mass was a primary desmoid tumor.  

Desmoid tumors are rare fibromuscular lesions (only 0.03% of all tumors) that derive from mesenchymal cells. Desmoid tumors are often encountered in patients with Gardner syndrome or FAP syndrome. Prognoses for these tumors are difficult to estimate, in large part because of their rarity. Surgical resection is the mainstay treatment and the goal needs to be R0 resection. After discharge, the patient should obtain every 3 or 6 months a CT or RMI in the first 2 years and every 12 months to search for relapse. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are options only if surgery fails.



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