A rare diagnosis of right iliac fossa pain syndrome - appendiceal mucocele

  • IULIAN SLAVU Bucharest Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
  • Socea Bogdan Saint Pantelimon Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
  • Alecu Lucian Agrippa Ionescu Clinical Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
Keywords: appendiceal mucocele diagnosis, appendiceal mucocele treatment

Image Description

The Appendiceal mucocele represents a rare pathology of the appendix encountered on average in only 0.2% of patients. It is more common in women with an average of 3:1 compared to men. These tumors are mucus-producing and frequently give rise to mechanical obstruction of the appendicular base by enlargement of the appendix wall, thus, generating a chronic accumulation of mucus and an increase in appendix size up to possible wall rupture (Figure 1). When such a tumor is identified, the patient requires in-depth investigations, as these tumors are associated with other colon and ovarian secreting mucus cancer. The macroscopic aspect of these tumors is of a diffuse enlarged and elongated appendix with a smooth surface and fluctuation upon palpation ( do to the intraluminal mucus accumulation) and without signs of infection, local inflammation or adherences. The elective treatment is the surgical resection - ideal laparoscopic appendectomy. If the base of implantation of the appendix is ​​wide a the right ileocolectomy is recommended. In our case do the small base a simple appendectomy was practiced. The histopathological results confirmed the diagnosis of an Appendiceal mucocele (pTis)  which was limited to the muscularis propria (curative intervention).

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